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Quiz Answers


If you recently completed the quiz at a jobs and careers fair, here are your answers



  1. Which one of these areas of work isn't classed as part of the creative media industries?

    1. Interactive media
    2. Telephone engineering
    3. Digital Imaging (photography)
    4. TV Production

The correct answer is B, Telephone engineering. Although engineering jobs do exist in media, their usually related to working with media production equipment

  1. Which of these skills is NOT required to work in the creative industries?

    1. Computer skilles
    2. Customer service skills
    3. Project management skills
    4. Singing skills

If you said D, Singing skills, you’d be right. You don’t have to be a singer to work in media. You do need sound computer skills, excellent customer service skills to work with clients and colleagues and project management skills. Everything in creative media is built around projects. Whether it’s a production of some kind, building an app or developing a computer game, it all has a start and end point and you’d be expected to plan and manage your time so you can meet project deadlines.

  1. Roughly what percentage % of creative media workers between 16-24 years old have had to work for no pay in the past?

    1. 8%
    2. 17%
    3. 23%
    4. 43%

Not an easy one. If you thought getting into these industries was easy then think again! Roughly 43% (D) of young people have had to work for free. They do this to try and get experience and make contacts so they can get future work. Still want to work in creative media? Read on

  1. Roughly what % of creative media workers work freelance (are self employed)

    1. 10%
    2. 15%
    3. 25%
    4. 35%

If you guessed A, you’d be wrong. If you guessed B, you be wrong again. If you guessed C, you’re spot on. The truth is it’s probably more than 25% of workers. More and more jobs are freelance. They have to find their own work, manage their own accounts and make sure they have enough work to keep them going. For many who are starting out, they spend most of their time marketing and networking and not actually doing the work they want to do. Even once you’re in the industry, you still have to put a lot of effort into networking so you can make enough contacts to get new business. Last but not least…

  1. Which one of these skills do you think employers have said ARE NOT in short supply?

    1. Web design
    2. Multi-skilling (workers who can use different software)
    3. Engineering
    4. Sales and Marketing

The correct answer is Web design. Employers have not complained of a lack of web designers - although there may be shortages of people who can use particular software application. Employers are looking for workers with the skills mentioned in B, C & D. As you can see, creative media jobs aren’t all creative or techie. Sales, customer service, admin, retail, finance and business management jobs are all common in these industries. Most of the time you’d need to have various skills to do your job. You could be a great cameraman but if you’re not good at getting on with people then who’s going to want to work with you on future film shoots?


So, well done if you managed to get 3 right. Don’t worry if you didn’t. Now you know some hard facts about working in creative media. Ask yourself if you still REALLY want to work like this. You might think that it’s not for you. That’s fine; at least you now know some realities about working in the industries. If you’re still really keen to know a little more, then Click Here